Recent Events
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Recent Events


St. Thomas More Youth Group attends the Living Nativity Scene
at Fellowship Baptist Church in Mt. Laurel
St. Thomas More Youth Group attended the Jewish Youth Service
at Congregation M'Kor Shalom Synagogue.

The Courtyard was ROCKIN’ Saturday night, May 31st as over 50 teens were entertained by local High School bands led by parishioners Ryan Bleaken and John Arnold of “Later City” and Phil Hengy’s “Smiting Shillelagh”. Special thanks to Ryan Bleaken for organizing the bands, the adult chaperons and Monsignor Morgan.

“Youth Group Car Wash”
The St. Thomas More (Cherry Hill) Youth Group conducted their annual Car Wash to raise money to support future Youth Group activities. Parishioners attending the 10AM Mass had their cars washed by 20 Jr. & Sr. Youth Group kids. All hands were needed as a record number of cars were washed. The funds raised will offset cost related to Youth Group activities and to benefit young parishioners of St. Thomas More. Thanks go out to our very generous Parishioners!

“Educational Visit to a Mosque” 
On a cold winter afternoon, the St. Thomas More Youth Group received a warm welcome from members of the South Jersey Islamic Mosque in Palmyra , NJ . The Youth Group in coordination with the Council of Islamic Relations and escorted by Monsignor Thomas Morgan visited the Mosque and listened to a presentation on Islam and its similarities to Christianity. The presentation included the meaning of Islam, the Qur’an, and the importance of Jesus and Mary to the Muslim Faith. The Youth Group heard many similar names and stories they learned about in their religious education classes: Adam & Eve, Moses, Noah, the Angel Gabriel and John the Baptist. The Presenter, Mrs. Naseem Badat, emphasized the importance of dialogue with the “People of the Book” (what the Qur’an calls People whose belief is based on the Bible or Torah). The St. Thomas More YG left with a new understanding and respect of the Islam Faith.

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