Saint Thomas More Religious Education Program is committed to a strong partnership with the parents and guardians of our children. We support one another in the religious education of our children.

Parents and guardians teach by word and example. We teach our children from birth throughout life. The Sacrament of Baptism challenges and calls parents to undertake the responsibility of providing for the child’s Christian formation. The parish religious education staff endeavors to assist parents in their great and noble calling. We build on the Christian formation that has already begun at home.

The partnership between parents and the religious education staff requires ongoing communication and collaboration. In our formal classes of instruction, we focus on the skills and knowledge that each child needs to grow and mature in the practice of the Catholic faith.

We want each child to have a relationship with God. That relationship is characterized by a lifelong pattern of a vigorous sacramental life, prayer and Christian service. We want our children to grow in their understanding of the Catholic faith. This partnership of home life and our parish religious education program is crucial.

The religious education of our children involves families who profess their faith and live their Christian values. It involves priests who believe, proclaim and exemplify the Good News to the parish community. It involves professionals. It involves volunteer staff members who respond to the call of discipleship. It involves so may lay leaders who share the Christian message with our parish community. It involves the entire parish who prays for the Spirit to bless all our efforts given in love.

Please remember to keep our Parish Religious Education Program and our fine Catechists in your prayers. The religious education of our young people is a community effort. We do not operate alone.