The Religious Education Program of Saint Thomas More Parish is based on the teachings of the Catholic Church as expressed in her official documents and pronouncements. In accordance with the Catechism of the Catholic Church, the teachings of the Magisterium must be the groundwork of the Camden Diocese. All materials, therefore, within and outside the program, must be submitted to the Coordinator of Religious Education for approval. The following is the curriculum outline for Saint Thomas More Parish.

LEVEL I - Eucharist and Reconciliation

Grade 1 - God Loves Us

Grade 2 - Jesus Shares God’s Life

LEVEL II - Catholic – Christian Knowledge

Grade 3 - We Are the Church

Grade 4 - God’s Law Guides Us

Grade 5 - We Meet Jesus in the Sacraments

Grade 6 - We Are God’s People

LEVEL III - Catholic Commitment - Confirmation

Grade 7 - We Live Our Faith as Disciples of Jesus

Grade 8 - We Live Our Faith as Members of the Church