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St. Thomas has enlisted Parish Giving to provide our parishioners with the opportunity to use Electronic Funds Transfer as an alternative method for giving. The Program is free of charge for parishioners. Click on the icon below to register for the program.

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Parish Vision

St. Thomas More Parish is a community of Roman Catholic believers who come together regularly to celebrate the Eucharist.

St. Thomas More Parish is a structure that serves to teach the Good News of Jesus Christ.  It teaches that our God is loving and forgiving. 

St. Thomas More Parish is a place where the community of believers is nourished with the Word of God and the Bread of Life.  Sunday worship is the highlight of the week for our Catholic population.  It is a time to praise and thank God.  It is a time to receive the graces necessary to follow in the footsteps of Jesus Christ and ultimately to obtain eternal glory.

St. Thomas More Parish is a gathering place for God’s people and the source of hope and life for families, couples, and individuals living here in Camden County.

We desire that St. Thomas More Parish will be a beacon of Christ’s love and a compelling force that will lead others to a deeper belief in Jesus Christ.  We believe “if the people do not have a vision, they will die.”  Proverbs 29: 18

All ministries at St. Thomas More Parish are rooted in the belief that God’s love is available to all of us.  Jesus proclaimed two great commandments:

Love God with everything we have and are
Love our neighbors as our very selves

The ongoing challenge for all of God’s people is to believe in this love as God’s unconditional, unearned, gift to us.  Living with and accepting this love makes us lovable and free to love others in the way that God made love visible – by sending His only Son to live among us and to die for us.

As Christians, we hold these beliefs sacred.  These beliefs are central to our lives and should become the pattern of our daily living.  As Christians, we must strive to seriously accept these commandments as our own and then to generously and sacrificially offer ourselves to God and others.

Father Phillip Johnson

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